Our story

I met my wife Grisselle in San Juan in 1996. We got to explore much of the island during my visits to see her over the next several years.

After we married (at the Carib Hilton!) we moved to New York and continued our stressful careers. My wife would go visit her mother who still lived in San Juan about twice year. Each time she came home to New York, she would share pictures and stories of the quaint towns on the west coast of Puerto Rico. When we finally were able to coordinate a trip together and chose Rincon.... Well that was a life changer!!! We kept going back. Rincon has all the elements of paradise that we look for in the Caribbean. Surfing Beaches, swimming beaches, lush mountains, and NO UGLY COMMERCIAL fast food signs all over the place. The Rincon community is eco-friendly, kind, and has many of the outdoor activities we love to do so much. I am an avid yoga practitioner and my wife is a personal trainer. I took my first surfing lesson at age 45 and I am hooked. After several visits to different areas within Rincon we decided to find our dream property right on 413 off Sandy beach.The property is private spacious and yet we can walk to 2 of the most popular beaches along with dining and fun surf shops to browse.


Our mission

We believe in disconnecting from screens and reconnecting with like-minded individuals.
We believe in the healing powers of nature, mindfulness, clean eating, and animal therapy.
We believe in helping to share all that Rincon, Puerto Rico has to offer.

Our mission is to provide you with the ideal space, accommodations, tools and support in order to foster connection, exploration, and rejuvenation.