A regular yoga practice is an offering to your physical and emotional bodies. Daily practice keeps your body and mind supple, strong, and harmonized. It generates a well spring of energy that you can then offer service.

Our location will once again be The Rincon Harmony Center, founded by my cousins, Steve & Grisselle Mucciolo, who have been engaged in service projects around Puerto Rico since the hurricane. They will facilitate a Seva, or service project, for us while on the island.



Dates - November 1st - 6th

Arrive Thursday, November 1st for dinner and evening Practice Circle.

Depart Tuesday, November 6th after breakfast and a morning practice.


Retreat Schedule and Activities for Free Time!

Free Time Activities: Paddle boarding, surf lessons, horseback rides, waterfall excursion, snorkeling, diving, boating, and more!

*Participants are responsible for making their own arrangements for Free Time.  The Harmony Center is available to offer contacts with locals and suggestions for fun day trips.

8-9:30am  Hatha Yoga

10am  Tropical Breakfast

10-4:30pm  Free Time

5-6:30pm  Yoga Workshop

7pm  Traditional Dinner

Evenings are Free!



All packages include 5 night stay, 5 tropical breakfasts, 5 Classic Puerto Rican dinners, 5 yoga classes, & 3 yoga workshops.

All rooms have their own AC units, Internet access, purified water, and an all day tea station.

All dinners are made by our private chef (bio below). 


Package 1: $750 ($650 early bird, expires 8/15)

Shared room with 4 queen beds and shared master bath; this is a cozy & friendly room setting

*4 spots available at this price point

Package 2: $850 ($750 early bird, expires 8/15)

Shared room 2-3 people per room, queen beds, shared bath; this offers a more spacious room setting

*5 spots available at this price point

Package 3: $950 ($850 early bird, expires 8/15)

Private room with 1 queen bed and shared bath; for those needing a little extra privacy

*2 spots available at this price point

Please be mindful of your room selection if you snore🙏



Flying to Puerto Rico is easy!  You can either fly in to San Juan (2 hours from Rincon) or Aguadilla (45 minutes from Rincon).  Flying to San Juan is often cheaper with more availability to suit your schedules.

The Harmony Retreat Center has a 6 passenger van available for 6 participants to "rent" at $150/person.  This includes R/T airport transportation (from either airport) as well as smaller jaunts to local beaches.  Longer trips to the Waterfall would require an additional price for vehicle use, yet still affordable shared by 6 people.  Other participants can share a rental car between 3-4 people, again about $150/person for the 5 days.  This is a nice option if you want to explore the island and/or have more freedom for adventure.  



Chef's Bio

My name is Loraine Arroyo Román. My love for cooking came to me when I was little, when I used to watch my two grandmothers stirring their pots with the most beautiful passion I have ever seen. The aromas of their kitchens and those unique magic "sazones" were my culinary inspiration. My focus is to provide plates full of stories with local ingredients in the healthiest way possible. Supporting our farmers and cooking for a food sovereignty is the key for the best plates of food.